Today I will show you guys my top 10 best iPhone apps of 2020. These are apps that I have used during the past few months of 2020 and found them to be very useful.

The iPhone is one of many people’s giant dream phones these days due to its unique design and the security system to protect it’s user data. A couple of years ago, it was also a dream for me, but today I’m using the latest Apple iPhone 12 pro max (Yes, got it before released worldwide) thanks to my AdSense income of the past month.

I want to bring a full review of the iPhone 12 pro max. However, honestly, I can see this is the best phone that you should try but also, I would like it if the apple will cut down another 100$ from the latest iPhone model because you only get the phone and data cable and some paper works with your new iPhone.

So, I know that many apps deserve to be on this list, but these are like my favorite ten that I have used during the past months of 2020, and they are beneficial in day-to-day life activities. So, I thought I had shared with you guys this apps list. So here is the list of my top 10 iPhone apps of 2020.

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps List That Must Have In Your New iPhone:


let me start with the Readaway iOS app. Readaway is a handy app that will read anything you want from a document that you can scan using your iPhone’s camera to a URL that you can paste, maybe an article or something, or just any text you copy clipboard of your iPhone.

So, the app is straightforward and very easy to use.

On the app’s home screen, you have three main buttons, the scan one, paste URL, and paste text buttons.

If you tap the paste text button in the app, you can already see the text of your previous text that you copied. You can add this to the play later or play next if you are already playing something or tap listen right here. It will generate the audio and have the player down here. You can see this is the player; it will speak anything that you pasted.

Now, as I before said, the app is straightforward. If you go to the bookmarks there, you will have a history of everything you have posted in your app.

If you go to the settings, you can change the voice; also, you can change the sound’s playback speed. 

Readaway is a very useful and popular app among iPhone users. That’s why this app in the first place of our top 10 best iPhone apps list in 2020.

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The next app is an internet browser called DuckDuckGo Browser. This one is very useful as it allows you to delete everything you have searched for on the internet with just one click. Because of that, DuckDuckGo Browser takes second place in our top 10 best iPhone apps list.

At the top of the main screen, you will have the search bar. We can also enter a URL; it will have your bookmarks.

So, if you go and search for something in this web browser, ok, let me only search here for “I reviews.” So if I search here for I reviews, you can see just like google search, it will show all the details, and we can open those web pages in new tabs, and we can close the tabs like google chrome any other web browsers for a smartphone.

But if I tap this little fire icon right there, you can see it will close all the tabs, and everything will be clear from the history forever and everything that I have searched for on the Internet. DuckDuckGo is the best browser that I have using for a couple of years due to its high security and privacy protection.

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3.Screenshot Hero

screenshot hero is the next app on my 10 best iPhone apps list. Now this one is very useful if you take a lot of screenshots on your device. You know that you have a ton of them on your device, and sometimes finding the one you need is may be very hard, like on my iPhone right now; currently, I have over 600 screenshots.

It will be a huge pain trying to find one that I need. With this app, you can search your screenshots based on the text on those screenshots.

Here’s the search bar, and if I go to the search bar right here at the top of the app. let’s say I only search for settings, and here you can see it will show me all the screenshots that have settings on them.

You can see only screenshots with settings word on it
A close look at the screenshot that has settings word on it

So if I tap right there to open a screenshot, you can see it has settings on them, and the best thing is there you can see only the screenshots that have settings word in right there, and you will have here a button to quickly copy that screenshot, and of course, you can use it then anywhere you want.

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4.Hi Hello

10 best iPhone apps list next app are hi hello app. this is a handy app for creating digital business cards. You want to share your information clearly with someone, and you can use this digital business card to start with this app.

Now from the home screen here all, you need to tap the plus button, and you can go ahead and add your name, your picture, your logo, and all the other information’s; right here, you can add a ton of information to your credit – you’re best business card.

So if we go back here, we have some that I have currently saved before. So if I tap on work right there, you can see it shows my information and logo. I will have this button right here that allows me to share this now quickly. I can share it using a QR code, and I can share the link, and also, I can email it to someone or airdrop it to someone as easy as that.

Once you have created your business card, you can also edit it, have the Edit button and update your business card with any information you want.

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5.Double Take

The next app from our 10 best iPhone apps is DoubleTake. Now, this is an exciting camera app as it allows us to shoot with two cameras simultaneously. The app will work only on newer devices such as the iPhone 10s, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the latest iPhone 12 series models. 

Now the app is very simple to use if you go to the camera icon, you can choose which cameras you want to use. It will have a camera A and camera B. So we have the ultra-wide lens here, we have the normal one, and also we have the teller lens right here and the selfie lens.

So once you choose your two cameras, you can go ahead and switch here between picture and picture, and you can also select split-screen, and you can get some nice shots with this one.

Now here we’ll have the record button to start recording a video and, of course, to stop as well; at the top here, if you tap, you will have all the files that you have recorded, and from here, you can go ahead and share them or save them to the camera roll of your device.

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6.Into Live

Our next app from our top 10 best iPhone app list is called Into Live. This one allows you to set any video on your device as a wallpaper for your locks screen.

The app will work with any video format out there, and also it won’t turn your wallpaper into a short live photo or a gif. You can set your whole video as a wallpaper on your lock screen.

Once the app has loaded one of your videos from your iPhone storage, you will have many options like the many video editor apps. After selecting your video, you can trim your video or go ahead and pick just where you want. There is an option that you can zoom in and out on the video, and of course, you can also rotate it any way you like, and you can again flip it horizontally or vertically.

You can save this as wallpaper, but the free version will allow you to do anything. Still, it will add a watermark to your Wallpaper. If you don’t want that, you can go ahead and pay the paid subscription to get that rid off.

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7.Office by Microsoft Now

Top 10 best iPhone apps list next up is the office by Microsoft. This one is handy; it will integrate PowerPoint, Word, and Excel into one app. Now here from the home screen, you can tap the plus button, and from here, you can use your lens to scan something; you can take a note or tap on the document right so you can go ahead and create a word document, an Excel document, or a PowerPoint document.

You can choose basically a template, and you can create a blank presentation or just a blank workbook here or a blank document or choose from different templates that you have with the app and start building your copy quickly.

If you go to action, you can also do a lot of stuff. You can transfer files, you can convert image to text, image to a different table, you can sign a PDF, or you can scan a PDF, turn pictures into PDFs or documents to PDFs and of course scan QR codes as well, a handy app with a lot of features.

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The next app in our top 10 best iPhone apps list is a wallpaper app called backdrops. This one is my favorite, and it has been on my iPhone since it has been out, not because of many live wallpapers out there, but the quality of the wallpapers inside the Backdrops app is just insane. You will find some stunning wallpapers for your new iPhone from this app.

Now, most of them are free. Here on the home screen, you will find some featured ones at the top, and then you will have all the other wallpapers right here, which you can go ahead and browse easily.

So what you must do here is tap on one of them that you like, and you will see all the details regarding that wallpaper, such as you can see the number of downloads, the size the resolution. If you want to download a wallpaper to your iPhone, tap the download button, and the app will have it saved on the storage in your device.

At the top of the app, you can also find a search bar where you can search for any wallpaper that you want, and then it will have community and all wallpapers uploaded by the community, and you can browse them and download them to your device as well.

The app will also have an upload button if you want to share some wallpapers with the community. Backdrops have a straightforward UI and very easy to use, and as I said before, it has some great quality Wallpapers.

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9.GeekBench 5

In 9th place in our best iPhone apps list is Geekbench 5. GeekBench 5 is the newest version of the Geekbench app. Now, this is a top-rated app among iPhone users, and I use it a lot.

So it’s a great app if you want to compare different devices or see how your device will perform. This app will also help you compare different versions of iOS when you update to a new version, and then you can know if your device is performing better or worse under that updated version.

So it can do with Geekbench, of course. Once you open it on the home screen, you will see all the details regarding your device and have different benchmarks.

 You have the CPU, and you have the compute right here. If you go to history in the app, you will see the history of the benchmarks you have done, and then if you go to the device, you will see all the other details regarding your device. It is so adorable, and of course, it allows you to know more about your device and how your device performs.

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10.FilmMaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro takes 10th place in our top 10 best iPhone apps list. Now, this is a fantastic app when it comes to editing videos on your iPhone. Most of the app features are free, and you will also find some paid ones that will add extra stuff to the app. now, you can start your project by just adding a video. Once you have added the video that you want to use, you can use all the different tools to edit that video.

Here can enable picture-in-picture mode. So you can choose a picture and give or a video that you can add to this video.

Once I have added that video, I will have it here to see the picture in the video right there and go ahead and move it anywhere you want on the video.

 You can set it right here, or you can just freely move it anywhere you want. You can change this transparency; you can cut it and change the size and do anything you want. You can also draw here on the video. If you need to point out something on a video, you can do that from here. 

So I’ll go ahead and draw anything you want or add any text you want to the video.

You can also add music as well to your video. Suppose you tap on the clip right there. You will have all the different tools from the trimming, cutting, splitting, and have various filters. Also, you will have here adjustments. You can adjust the exposure, the contrast, white balance, shadows, and all that you can reverse the image and most comfortable. This powerful tool is full of all the features you would find on your PC or Mac video editing software.

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So, guys, this is the list of my top 10 favorite iPhone apps of 2020. I know what you probably think many other apps might be on this article, but these are like my favorites and the ones that I found more useful in everyday use as an iPhone user.

Thank you very much for reading my article, do not forget to share my article on social media.

If you have any favorite apps, make sure to leave them in the comments below, and I will make sure I will add them to my next article.


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