When it comes to the present day, there are several advancements as well as apps that assist people in numerous ways. Features, interface, type, and there are many things that can define the best VR app. This article will let you know about the best VR app for the year 2021 on your Android or iOS device.

There are two types of VR apps the gaming VR apps and non-gaming VR apps.  Non-gaming VR apps are contained in various genres such as health, designing, education, science, technology, and medicine. The gaming category is similarly involving in various types such as action, sci-fi, reality, shooting, and many more.

Here are 06 VR applications that can be recommended for a VR starter in 2021.

Google Earth VR

Even if you are a beginner or a usual customer, this app will have to be the best one with benefits. In a concept where the entire seems to be a global village, this app will bring the whole world into your palm. A person who is willing to discover this amazing planet will find Google Earth will be one amazing app for sure. When it comes to its utmost features, you will be able to measure the heights, explore special places with your own eyes, 360 degrees view, and tourism are a few of them.

More than 100,000,000 downloads are in the stores. As you can get it for free, giving it up a try is a fine thing for 2021.

Download: Android | IOS

VR Media player 360

If the entertainment is a priority of yours, this will have to be in your playlist to experience better entertainment with the media files. Little planet or fish eye viewing, 3D stereo, 4K picture, newly updated gesture controllability, and you will find so many features in this VR player. Even if the source is a media file, you will be able to play it through the sensor.

Although the download times don’t say much about the player, this VR Media Player 360 will be an amazing thing for your smart device.

Download: Android | IOS

VR Space

How many people have been able to get into space? If it is a percentage, that can be ignored as its least value. This app is a dedication to people who admire being in the space. Different planets and space atmospheres are there to enjoy in this app. If it requires a few words on this app, you will get a whole new VR universe to explore with this app. The user will get sweet music along his journey when playing the game.

Full diving, stunning scenarios, Hd graphics, and embracing interface will always be positive things. 10,000,000 recorded downloads might mean what a VR app it is. If you are a space lover, this will have to be on your bucket list to try.

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Download: Android | IOS

Sites in VR

More than 1,000,000 plus downloads, 4.3/5, and availability in all iOS and Android platforms will mean the success of this app. It is specifically introduced for the people who love traveling for monuments and special places.  Special architectural designs, monuments, and specific things are within the reach of this app. Even Mars is available for your experience.

Although there are plenty of apps in the app stores to get the experience, this is the best one that has been designed to feel the experience ultimately. At a time when a pandemic is in the day to day life, this will assist people to relieve their traveling desire as well. Also, the ability to perform zooming, auto collaborating, and basic movements have made this app a unique one. Although a virus is a thing at the real monument, this VR app won’t cause you any trouble in 2021 indeed.

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VR Theater

Only the theaters are aware of how much people love watching movies in there. This is a specially designed app for people who are passionate about enjoying movies in a theater. It will be a fabulous one when it comes to the enjoying part. You will be able to watch the movie watching the graphical surrounding.

When it comes to the best part, the app developers have enabled them to watch both 2d and 3D movies through this app. It will be a gorgeous thought even thinking of watching a 3D movie in a 3D app, isn’t it?  Also, Panoramic 36 degree visibility,  headset control-less watching, wide-ranging supported formats,  well-structured and easy UI,  and customizable theater are a few additional features.

Download: Android | IOS

FullDive VR

When it comes to earning money, there are fewer games in the world. Among that shortlist, you will find FullDive VR as one of the least to earn money while playing the game. The user has the ability to earn bitcoins, money, or other several cryptocurrencies.

The thing you need to know when selecting the FullDive VR app is that you have to use the FullDive browser to enjoy gaming.

Players can enjoy the game by listening to their favorite music, watching movies, and do several things in the game. Also, there are thousands of other games and media files that players can earn while enjoying.  This game contains only legalized games that are free from copyrights ad other legal barriers. Along with that, the simple navigation, stunning VR camera, Hd Video Player, and passive income will be the things you can enjoy.

As a welcome, this app will be a blessing to you with the income you can get. People have downloaded this app more than 1,000,000 times and that will be the best way to tell about this app.

Download: Android | IOS


A sensor was not an impressive thing about 10 years ago. With the revolutionary smart device concept, there are several sensors for mobile devices. They could make a whole new difference for the users.  Along with these sensors, a new dimension was opened with new features. Virtual Reality is such a feature gained with smart devices. Therefore, we can expect that VR will be the next thing in the VR sector. Try these apps in 2021 and be prepared for the age of VR.

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