In this post, I would like to introduce you to new 10 android apps for girls that might help to manage their daily lifestyle more decently. Most of these apps are maybe you already know or maybe you already using them while.

But the reason I make this post is there are a lot of people out there who don’t even know what are the benefits of having these apps on their smartphones. 

Ok, Title says these android apps for girls but honestly, I think boys should also try this. Because this is not another post just like “what are the best dress up games?”, “What is the best makeover app?”, “what are the best makeup apps?.”

These apps are all apps that my girlfriend uses in her daily life very regularly, and she loves them. They help her be productive, live a healthy lifestyle, find good travel deals, and manage her busy college life.

Let’s Take a look at What Are The 10 Best Android Apps For Girls.


If you guys are like my girlfriend or like most young adults or just most people, most people struggle with this. I mean, If you are so bad about hitting that snooze button while you’re still asleep half asleep if that is you? Oh, my goodness, This app is perfect for you, and that’s why Alarmy is going to take number one place in our 10 android apps for girls list.

Alarmy is an alarm clock app, but it is not just any regular alarm clock app. So, when your Alarmy is going off in the morning, you must do one of five actions that you preset to turn off your alarm. For example, the one, my girlfriend has chosen is to solve math problems.

If you struggle like her with math, it is challenging. It wakes you up probably, and you cannot exit the app, or you cannot turn down the alarm.

while solving them the alarm does turn off, but if you stop trying to solve the math problems, then the alarm just goes back on, and it just kind of goes until you solve those math problems.

Solving the math problems was hard the first time for me also when I did it. Because I left it on normal, and for some reason, it considers 960 multiple by 74 for a normal regular math problem. I feel like that’s kind of hard.

The other actions you can do are shake your phone, scan a QR or barcode, or take a picture.

But I think all of those are just not as great as the math problem one. Because that one forces you to be awake and the other ones, I guess you could still do all your half-asleep. 

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In our best android apps for girls, the forest app takes second place. Because it is a cool app and I think everyone including boys also has this app on their smartphones.

Forest is an app that forces you to be focused, stay off your phone, and just be present. You set a timer anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours of how long you want to not be on your phone in the forest app.

Once you set that timer, you plant a baby tree for your forest, and it takes the amount of time you set on your timer to growing that tree fully.

So if you go back on your phone and exit the forest app to check Instagram or Twitter, text someone or whatever, It kills your baby tree.

But if instead, you stay off your phone the entire time or duration, Your plant grows into a fully adult tree, and it’s happy. 

So for this app, it just really forces you to be present at the moment or just concentrate on something. I think this would have helped me also in high school in college when I was studying.

This app is just so great because it forces you to be productive, and it keeps you away from wasting time just aimlessly going on your phone.

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3.The Eternal Sunshine

10 best android apps for girls – The Eternal Sunshine app is the daily motivation that all of us just need in our life. The app sends you a couple of notifications throughout the day with just a little, a little sprinkle of motivation or inspiration, or just thoughtful words that just make you feel good.

So yesterday I got a couple of really good ones. The first one in the morning says, “Your mantra for today is I will be the love that I seek to find.”

I like this one because it reflects something. I believe that to find love and to be loved; you need to love yourself first.

I think self-love is super important. If you just need that little sprinkle of motivation or inspiration throughout your day this is the best app out there.

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4.Habit Minder

10 best android apps for girls fourth place taken by an app called HabitMinder.

Habit minder is an app where if you’re trying to accomplish Incorporating a new habit or lifestyle change into your life and you’re kind of just having a hard time remembering to do it everyday habit minder reminds you.

Over these last couple of months, I’ve tried to incorporate exercising regularly into my daily routine. So, on habit minder, I have it set to on certain days of the week.

I think I have it like four days of the week to remind me to exercise because sometimes you forget, get so busy with work, or hanging out or doing whatever you fail to exercise.

Having a habit minder is nice because it just reminds you to maintain your habits until they actually become a habit.

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10 best android apps for girls – Daylio is a daily journal where you just mark how your day went. This app is so great that sometimes when you’re living your life, you forget about the days you remember the big moments that happen.

I like to remember the small things, the little things, and just kind of remember what I did each day.

So I like Daylio because, with the app, you can just note how the day went what your mood was.

It’s there forever. You remember it kind of neat to look back and see how your year has gone. See how many good days you had, how many bad days how many exciting things happen. 

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Our best android apps for girls list sixth place taken by an app called Hitlist.

I have talked about Hitlist before on my Facebook page because I love it. Many people ask me how I’m able to travel and how I’m able to travel cheaply.

Hitlist is an app where You favorite all of the places you want to go, and every time there’s a drop in price or a huge sale or a huge deal when it comes to those flights, Set a hit on it.

And then when the price drops during your time range, if you have one, it’ll let you know. You’ll get a notification so you can book that flight for the best price possible.

There’s also a cool Explorer tab where it suggests different places to travel based on interest, based on time of the year, like urban hiking, the world’s best cocktail, bars best cities from finding wild kittens.

They’re just a bunch of cool list where you can look through and get inspired on places to travel that you maybe have never heard of, so Hitlist. I love it

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7.Adobe Lightroom

I get so many questions about what is the app that I edit my Instagram photos. The app I use is called Adobe Lightroom. Don’t be scare, this is not heavy software like adobe lightroom pc. This can be used easily than the desktop one. That’s why I put it on my 10 best android apps for girls list.

It’s available on desktop as well as mobile. Basically, through this app, I get my photos to look the way they look.

But I love it because it allows you to customize so much about your image. One of the cool things about Lightroom is that you can customize everything down to the color hue.

For example, If I did not like the blue in my shirt and wanted to make it darker blue or light blue or completely unsaturated or very bright, I could do that in Lightroom in a couple of clicks.

It’s elegant, and if you guys like the way I edit my photos and you want to edit them the same way just leave a comment down there.

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Our 10 best android apps for girls eight places taken by a famous shopping app in the united states.

The reason you need Dote in your life is that it’s an online shopping app where you can shop from all your favorite stores in one cart.

If you want to save time when you are online shopping instead of going to, H&, or wherever you shop, Instead of doing all of that, just hop onto the Dote app can shop all your favorite stores in one place.

Throw it into one cart and buy it all in one swap.

Another great thing about Dote is that you can favorite items and put them into lists to categorize them for inspiration or something you might want to buy later.

You put them in these lists; it favorites them, and when they go on sale, you get a notification. So you can buy them at the best price.

The Dote app is the perfect way to shop smart, shop efficiently, and buy things at their best price.

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10 best android apps for girls – Poshmark is the app to clean out your clutter. If your closet is full of things that you don’t wear or that don’t fit you, that still have tags on them, that are just sitting there in your closet, clean them out and list them on Poshmark.

Might as well make some money from the clothes that are just sitting in your closet, taking up space and not being worn. On Poshmark, you can also buy things that are typically way more expensive.

So if you’re trying to buy some sort of designer bag that’s usually like $700 can probably buy it on Poshmark from a reseller for way cheaper.

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10.Plant Nanny

10 best android apps for girls – Plant Nanny is another app that just kind of guilts you into staying on top of a habit, and this habit is drinking water. If you’re living your life every day and you just keep forgetting to drink water because you’re busy or because you forget.

Having Plantnanny is a great way to remind you to drink water. Every time you drink water, you water your plant, and it grows, it’s happy, and every time you forget to drink water, it starts just shriveling up and looking sad and getting it to revive you got to drink some water.

The plant that you are watering is also super cute. So, it makes you feel extra guilty.

The app lets you know, based on your weight and your lifestyle, how much water you need to drink a day?

So, you ensure that you are not only just drinking water each day. You are also drinking enough water for your body each day.

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I shared some app ideas that will incorporate well into your lifestyle and help you Improve to be more productive or a smart shopper or save money on traveling or whatever it might be. I hope these app suggestions were helpful.

And if you guys have an app suggestion, do not forget to leave it in the comments section.

You never know who might benefit from it. I am always on the hunt for good new apps.


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