The first good dual-screen laptop

ASUS finally made a good case for dual screen laptops. when it launched the rog Zephyrus duo 15 at ces. it backs up the futuristic design and high resolution second display with topflight specs. including NVidia’s bleeding edge RTX 2080 super gpu. it’s stunning and more refined than other dual display laptops on the downside it’s heavier and more expensive than regular 15-inch gaming laptops. now let’s see if it can go beyond the wow factor and justify its starting three-thousand-dollar price.

What About the Second screen In Asus Rog Zephyrus Duo 15.

The second screen called the rog screen pad plus is what makes the Asus Rog Zephyrus duo 15 stand out. It pops up to a 15 degree angle. when you flip the lid open that improves visibility while increasing air flow by up to 30 percent according to ASUS. However the fans can still crank up as when i played shadow of the tomb raider on a hot day.

it has an impressively sharp 3840p by 1100p display at the same time the matte coating helps keep it visible in bright environments. but what can you do with it. a launcher gives you access to commonly used apps and functions like handwriting and quick keys. it also lets you swap apps between displays group programs and more. asus thinks the screen pad plus is perfect for game streaming the idea is to game on the main screen and then put the broadcast controls and video feed on the second screen.

I was able to fit the obs streaming app on the second screen and use all the controls it was a bit squished but it worked pretty well as for the rest of the design the magnesium aluminide chassis exudes quality and keeps the weight down to 5.3 pounds that’s manageable. but still at least a half pound heavier than a regular gaming laptop. looking at the profile I wouldn’t exactly call the duo 15 slim and you might even say it comes out a little bit on the chunky side.

but considering all that’s going on with that mechanism plus all the power inside it’s not too bad. The trackpad feels good but it’s a touch cramped because of the second screen something we found with the ZenBook dual models as well. there’s no numeric keypad but you can activate an electronic version with the touch of a key. it comes with a usual array of ports like ethernet, high-speed usb type-c, hdmi headphone microphone and three usb type-a ports the built-in speakers are not bad at all with more bass than most laptops.

Does Rog Zephyrus Duo 15 Have Thunderbolt 3 ?

Asus being asus the keyboard lights up in a fancy rainbow pattern as the default color Scheme. unfortunately it only has a single thunderbolt port and no card reader in sight i used this machine to edit a 4k hdr video and it was really up to the job speed wise. however i really could have used an extra high speed port and sd card reader. it also lacks a webcam.

My review unit had a 4k 60hz display, but you can get one with a 1080p 300 hz display as well. the 4k model covers 100 of adobe’s rgb spectrum and is pantone factory calibrated. Colors were accurate in both netflix and premiere pro even compared to a four-thousand-dollar professional monitor i was testing. games were immersive and reasonably smooth though gamers will probably want the 300 hz 1080p version. it has a lot of power under the hood as well.

Starting with the top spec intel 8 core i9 10980 hk processor and NVidia’s flagship RTX 2080 super max q gpu rounding things off is a fast two terabyte nvme raid 32 gigabytes of ram and a 90 watt hour battery.

Testing Shadow Of Tomb Raider .

There are no compromises here all that makes gaming fast and smooth. i hit 34 frames per second in 4k in shadow of the tomb raider. Metro exodus ran at 45 frames per second in 4k with the direct x and other RTX settings Enabled.

Those scores are right up there with other RTX 2080 super laptops like hp’s omen x2s and the msi gs66. So the rog zephyrus duo 15 is an elite company considering the 4k screen at high end Components. Battery life was okay at five hours on our video rundown test. turning on the second screen will suck the battery quicker of course and you won’t be gaming long on battery power alone. asus has pitched the 4k version for content creation with a screen pad ideal for tools timelines and other elements. i used it with both premiere pro and resolve to edit this very video. i have to say i found the extra screen real estate to be very helpful.

Steaming Settings will be appear in your second screen.

It’s just easier to be productive when you can see more tools at once. it’s ideal for entertainment too letting you watch shows on Netflix and other services the way their creators lacks an hdr display that can be found on for example the gigabyte arrow 17 hdr. but it’s still pretty bright as it cranks up to a class leading 400 nits aside from the lack of ports it’s stellar for multimedia it aced the handbrake 4k encoding test and i completed a 10 minute 4k hdr video with neri a glitch. can i say that the asus rog zephyrus duo 15 is the first truly useful dual screen laptop i think so.

It still has flaws like extra weight, middling battery life and a cramped Keyboard. it’s also expensive starting at 2999$ and running 3699$ for this review. meanwhile msi’s 15.6-inch gs 66 costs 2999 in a similar high-end configuration or a whopping 700 less. if you’ve got the cash however the display gives it a very strong want factor and it’s surprisingly useful for both game streaming and content creation. ASUS backs up the looks with very strong performance that’s among the best in its class.

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