How to clean MacBook screen – One of the challenging things for me after buying my MacBook is keeping it displays clean after a couple of month’s use. As you all know, after a couple of months of using any laptop, not only the MacBook screen will be covered with tons of dust. That’s looks disgusting to me. So I asked a bunch of friends about how to clean the MacBook screen safely without any dames to its screen.

So I Search on Google, Reddit, and Social media all over about how to clean a MacBook screen. So I found a bunch of articles that show how to clean your mac, how to clean mac or the best way to clean the MacBook screen. But after reading all these articles, I end up with a lot of questions like what is the best MacBook screen cleaner? What is a whoosh screen cleaner? And etc.

After a couple of hours searching in Reddit, I get a suggestion about a topic that says how to clean MacBook screen Reddit. So I went there, and there are only a few basics things that we all know.

But in this article, I am going to show you how you can use just a few tools to make your MacBook retina display looks like when it’s out of the box.

Before you start these tools you need to clean your Mac

So let me show you how to clean MacBook screen in the right way.

Let’s take a look at how to clean Macbook screen safely.

Okay, so now that we have all been in this situation, we all get fingerprints and other sorts of things on our MacBook retina screen. But let me show you how to fix it like it’s out in the box. But it would be best if you had some screen cleaner.

I like to use the whoosh screen shine. Because I once walked into an Apple store and saw them using this on the display models of Macs, and I just found that it works great.

whoosh screen shine

It does not have a strong smell. It is non-toxic, and most importantly, it does an excellent job of cleaning our Macbook pro retina screen well.

Now I also like to employ the use of one of these an air blaster, and I use this to remove debris from the Macbook screen before I start it cleaning.

Air blaster

I also like to use Costco’s Kirkland brand signature microfiber towels. These towels are great, and they are super thick. I find these microfiber towels do a much better job than regular towels that we use daily. It soaks up all that liquid from the screen cleaner, and it just does an excellent job of polishing the screen once you are done.

Costco’s Kirkland brand signature microfiber towels

Finally, you are going to need a soft surface to rest your MacBook down on. So, I’m just going to use this regular old towel right here. It is only an old towel that I’m using, and I’m going to place the MacBook pro down on it lid first once we open it up.

So here I have my 2020 MacBook Air. You can check MKBHD review about 2020 MackBook Air down below:

Take a look at difference between regular towel and microfiber towel:

We will go ahead and open it up. So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to rest this thing down lid first that way we have full access to the display, and most importantly the liquid that we spray on display isn’t going to run down the display which is not very desirable. So, you need to open the lid at about a ninety-degree angle. So, it rests down comfortably.

You need to open the lid at about a ninety-degree angle

 Next, I recommend dimming the display down or powering the Machine off. So that you can clearly see all the dirt and grime the screen, next, you must take your air blaster, and you want to blast away all the loose debris on your MacBook screen.

You must take your air blaster, and you want to blast away all the loose debris on your MacBook screen

So, we’ll blast it all off there and then once you’re finished, take your towel. Then without applying any pressure swipe the towel across the display.

Then you can remove any of the remaining debris still on your MacBook.

 All right so now we’re ready to next step. I have my towel here I’m going to use the side on the opposite side of the tag because the ply is a little bit more tightly wound there and then I’m going to fold it and have like this and then fold it again and then fold it once more.

So that it looks like this and I find that this is just super easy to work with and it does a great job of absorbing liquid. Now instead of spraying the cleaner directly on the screen, what you want to do is spread your cleaner directly on the cleaning cloth, that is what Apple recommends me.

But I’ve always sprayed directly on the screen, and I’ve never had a problem with that. But before I write this article about how to clean MacBook screen, I just confirmed a couple of guys about this matter and all I can say is, please don’t use directly any liquid to laptop displays.

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Last month I met one of my college friend working in the Apple store in New York. So I ask him about how to clean MacBook screen safely with right tools. A couple of times he warns me always to use a towel or micro fabric cloth when you work with liquid On displays.

He told me there would be no risk if we use directly liquid in the display, but for better safety to our retina display, he told me not to use liquid directly to display.

But also Apple says that it’s possible to get liquid underneath the screen by doing it that way. So you want to avoid that spray a modest amount directly on the cleaning cloth, and we’re going to follow this pattern.

So you want to start from the left drag to the right to apply a little bit of pressure not too much. Because then you can damage the display.

Then work up towards the webcam and repeat that process down and once we do that, we’re going to start from the left side of the display and swipe up like the pic below and work our way to the right as we swipe up, and then you want to repeat that or making sure that we get this display completely clean and as you can see it is super simple and super easy.

So now we want to invert our towel here. So we get back to a dry side, and now we’re going to dry and polish. So you need to follow that same pattern work our way up to the top and repeat and then you should notice that the display feels slicker as you clean the display and as you try and it’s soaking up all that excess liquid that may be remaining on display, and you want to wipe up like this, and that’s it, folks.

We are almost done, and it is that easy, and it’s so worth it. Because having a clean display makes it so much better to work on your Mac.

So you can see it there it is spotless from what I can tell here. I think we did a pretty good job there. so now what we’ll do is we’ll turn up the display brightness. so we can see if there any dust are still on our laptop screen, and then we’ll rest our Mac down on the lid again.

we’ll use our air blaster one more time to make sure we remove any lingering lint from the microfiber towel.

So now we are genuinely done cleaning this display, and it only took just a few minutes to get this done with a few handy tools we were able to make a display that looked horrible and made it look like you just took your Mac out of the box.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re selling your Mac you want to make it look suitable for the buyer but even if you’re using your Mac. Please don’t work with the dirty screen a clean screen makes working on your Mac so much better.

This method will also solve the question about how to clean MacBook screen from fingerprints and how to clean MacBook screen stains. Next I will write about how to clean macbook pro keyboard in right way.

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