When does apple plan to release iphone 12?

Okay, so there’s this rumour floating around confirmed at some various levels by some pretty reliable sources of the iPhone 12 not coming with a charger or headphones at all in the box when they go out in September this year. (I think now you got the answer for when does Apple plan to release iPhone 12 question) Soon to be clear, I believe there are way more interesting other rumours about the

iPhone 12 floating around out there right now. But this is the one that’s gotten the most interesting reactions. Because it is so polarizing one way or the other and I don’t usually do this, but I want it.

What my thoughts about apple not including charger in there new iphone 12?

Let’s assume this rumour is true because I want to go over those two different reactions and they’re so fascinating to me right now. So reaction number one which is probably the first one that popped up into your head, what the new iPhone 12 ,iphone 12 pro and iphone 12 pro max are not going to ship with a charger that seems ridiculous like that’s ridiculous even to Apple levels of funny like we’ve seen them do some pretty out-there questionable stuff in the past years like the headphone jack the laptop port situation all kinds of things and even maybe getting rid of the headphones in the box we could understand it.

But the charging cable and the power top like the only necessary Accessories, those are the things you have to have in a box like that would be like shipping a car with no wheels or as a computer with no power cable. I don’t know it seems ridiculous that you’d be able to buy something, especially that expensive and it has some battery out the box, sure so you can use it and set it up but then as soon as it dies you would have to spend extra to get it working again.

Iphone 11 pro max hands on..

So it just optically it just looks like pure greed removing something from the box that’s always been there classic Apple creating a problem and then selling you the Solution. It will probably be another 20 or 30 bucks to get that charger after you need it. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that before. Have we ever seen a phone ship without a charger in the original sealed box I don’t think we’ve ever seen that? The charger is necessary.

But then here is reaction number two, yeah whatever matter-of-fact good. The iPhone 12 doesn’t need to ship with a charger anymore. there’s already about five different chargers sitting around most houses anyway and hey when I get a new phone usually the things that I leave in the box are the paperwork and then the default headphones and charger. Because I have my own now, not everybody has my situation.

But the point is most people buying an iPhone already have an iPhone charger. that’s as good as the one that they were going to include in the box anyway. But then on top of that at the iPhones scale, which is vast, the e-waste savings would be Massive. there’s a great article already at the verge where they go deeper into this.

But basically, they spoke with the CEO of ANKOR, who notes that chargers built into the box that people end up throwing away are a huge source of e-waste. If you include smartphones and tablets and laptops and power drills even basically all these built-in chargers when they get thrown away, you’re probably looking at 300,000 tons of e-waste per year. It is Tons, I mean 300,000 tons of waste every year.

So the all new iPhone 12 shipping without a power brick that most people already have would take a pretty big chunk out of that that’s just facts. And then you know what to make it a step further efficiency also goes way up because now instead of having to ship the phone and the earpods and the charger in the box all you have to send to people in the phone and a little bit that paperwork.

The iPhones box is already one of the smaller boxes in the industry year after year. But getting rid of those accessories could cut the footprint I think. Basically in half making it one of the smallest meaning they can fit more on every truck and every plane and again at that scale. That means real environmental impact and also how Apple would that be right; this is our thinnest box ever. So you know what good riddance. It would be a better smartphone world if Apple stopped shipping the charger.

What comes in the box with iphone 12 ?

Okay, so in reality, my take is I’m somewhere in between these two places. Because it is a little bit more nuanced than that. If they remove the charger from the box that would have been nice to have, that’s just going to seem like a negative. But some other things could also happen at the same time this is pretty dynamic.

What if they’re able to adjust the price of the iPhone 12. See naturally one of the most prevalent reactions – they’re not going to ship it with the charger and headphones was okay well, then you better not charge me the same price as the phone that came with those things.

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So if we look up here the typical basic charger on Amazon right now with a brick would cost about 15 Bucks’ that’s roughly equal to what Apple was going to ship, so you take 15 bucks off the price of the iPhone, and now you’re at nine hundred eighty-five dollars. Then a typical essential pair of headphones in the box.

If you try to get those from Apple right now they’ll charge you 30 bucks; obviously, they’re not worth that much. But for the sake of argument go ahead and take 30 more dollars off of the price of the iPhone and now you’re down to 955$.

Now if you’re thinking about what Apple might do when seeing that you think maybe they would round it back up to a thousand right. How many customers were we going to have at 950 that we wouldn’t have at a thousand? Not that many rights. But then again, Apple has lowered the price of the iPhone before. The iPhone 11 you might not remember, but very recently the iPhone 10 is launched at 750 bucks.

Then the next year the iPhone 11 launched at 700. so there is precedent for it Apple has lowered the price of the iPhone before and then I think it would make it a bit more tolerable if they also offer on top of that a discount for people who do want to add back new pair of headphones or a new charging brick to the purchase of their new iPhone 12.

So really this would be more like shipping a camera without the Lens. If you’ve ever bought a DSLR, you know most of them ship without any lens even though a lens is a necessary accessory for the camera to be useful at all and that’s because most people buying one already have the lenses that they’re going to use or if they don’t they can get a discount on a primary kit lens that can come with it to get you started just like Apple could offer a discount on a basic charger that they include the iPhone.

But you know just like the people who already have like five or six fancy lenses that they’re going to use with the new DSLR there’s going to be people who buy the new iPhone 12 that already have much nicer chargers than the one Apple is going to ship with the box. Like a fast charger, for example, or a wireless charger. So those people don’t need the kit lens in the DSLR box, and those people don’t need the built-in slow charger that they’re just going to throw away and waste in the iPhone box.

Imagine apple’s new iphone 12 only phone with no accessories…

So yeah that’s that’s really it because at the end of the day I think the most exciting part of this is how Apple is going to spin it. Because you know Apple people are always sitting waiting to write that negative headline about what Apple’s going to do, and there’s also people waiting to write that positive headlines.

So the question is we’ve seen Apple basically conduct a master class over the years and tilting the way people view their products through different lenses .so how are they going to do it with this. Like we saw the headphone jack a couple of years ago it was one of those things where it seemed pretty ridiculous that Apple was going to get rid of like a single small super useful port, and there are still people to this day who think that’s ridiculous. But just a year or two after all these major companies were making fun of them for it they were all copying them.

Now today it’s hard to find a phone with a headphone jack that’s comparable to the iPhone. Not saying that’s good or bad but that’s a very similar situation. So I think there’s two ways that this could go, number one is Apple doesn’t say anything about it at all they don’t even mention it on launching stage they don’t talk about it figure they’re trying to avoid another Pro stand moment on stage.

These words will remember if you are an apple fanboy” the VESA mount adapter will be $1.99 and the pro stand$9.99, and like the mac pro they’ll all be available in this in the fall.”

Who would want to relive that again by saying there’s no charger in the box, so they don’t talk about it at all,it starts to ship and then it slowly gets uncovered by customers, and then suddenly you begin to see probably a lot of headlines about how Apple did not mention That. Which is why I think number two is actually more likely. I think they go straight at it from the environmental angle and this is something not everyone even cares that much about or notices. But I do not know if you have watched every Keynote. But lately Apple every time they unveil a new hardware product will always have a slide about this.

Which is how environmentally friendly that they are saying their manufacturing process is. It is always every year right before they get to the price; they always show this slide. So you could see them leaning into it you know with going the next level and not including the unnecessary charger and cables in the box and saving thousands of tons of e-waste in a single year during the process. Like you can see the Apple bloggers writing defending that right. Now if Apple fully truly cared deeply about you know the environmental impact they would better support user-repair or here’s a crazy idea makes the iPhone USB type-c. So we don’t need two different types of chargers every time.

But that is that’s my guess for how I think Apple would be able to spin not shipping the accessory they’ve always shipped with the iPhone the only one that’s necessary to use it with the phone this year. now one last point made in an article by mg Siegler, in case the question is why didn’t they do it last year or why are they picking this year to transition the iPhone to not having a charger is this just a greedy 2020 move is this a margins thing is this a 5g modems in the new iPhone will cost more.

So they need a way to make those margins back. What is it about this year. I think the answer might also include that the next iPhone the iPhone 12s or 13 whatever it ends up being in 2021 is rumoured not to have any ports at all. it’s rumoured to be the completely port lists no lightning no USB C no port at all.

Wireless iPhone. So this might be a move just one year earlier to get people used to the idea of not having a charger in the box. So that the next year one the incredibly premium port list iPhone that is Apple’s goal finally ships they used to it already.

Something to think about but either way it’s all this is all the rumour we’re talking about like I said I generally don’t do this talking extensively about something that might not even happen, but this is something I’m going to be paying attention to. Maybe you can leave your thoughts below on what you think Apple’s move should go before the iPhone that comes out this year?

Again will they spin it? how will they defend not having a charger in the iPhone 12 box? let me know what you think.

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