Apple was launching its daily podcast yesterday. The company announced the show yesterday along with other news about audio stories coming to Apple News, as well as the release of iOS 13.6. So this show, called Apple News Today, will be hosted by Apple News editors Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino. 

Apple News Today is hosted by Apple News editors Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino.

So the new episodes of the podcast, which will be seven to eight minutes long, will be released Monday through Friday, and the show will exclusively be available through Apple News and Apple Podcasts in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia only.

Also, Apple will release 20 audio stories a week through Apple News Plus. Professional actors will voice the stories, and there will be narrated long-form pieces published by big-name outlets in the world like GQNew York magazine, Esquire and Vanity Fair first

Apple News Plus subscribers will only have access to this podcast. Both these stories and Apple News Today will be accessible through the audio tab at the bottom of the News app in your iPhone. CarPlay will support these audio features too. That means people can listen to them as they drive on.

In non-audio news, Apple company says it’s launching local news in the Bay Area, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco first. Each of this non-audio news will feature a major newspaper in the above areas, and also it will include coverage of local community news. 

“Local news is more vital now than ever and we are excited to partner with Apple in their efforts to spotlight the strong, independent local journalism our newsroom are producing across the country and expand the reach of local content to new audiences,” Angela Lunter, McClatchy’s senior director of business strategy and operations, said in a statement to CNN Business.

Your subscription to Apple News Plus in the US will also now provides access to The Charlotte Observer, the Idaho StatesmanThe Kansas City Star, the Miami HeraldThe News & Observer, and The State. In Canada, Le Devoir newspaper will be available to Apple News Plus subscribers, as well as The Globe and Mail.

The biggest news is Apple News Today. I think this is Apple’s first significant foray into podcast production, and the daily news format is an unusually crowded one, however. 

Some Images Of Apple news today from official apple website

The New York Times releases its all-time popular program The Daily, while Vox Media releases Explained Today and The Wall Street Journal has The Journal, among other programmes. Honestly, I think here the fact is that Apple is making its show Apple-exclusive is even more noteworthy to us.

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Up until now, Apple has been the de facto face of podcasting’s open ecosystem, particularly compared to Spotify, which has focused on big-name exclusive podcast deals to grow its platform. Also Apple, on the other hand, hasn’t signed exclusive deals and instead promotes other producers to work in its curated lists. So I think this might be the start of Apple’s earnest jump into podcasting.

There is a lot of new news this year came from apple. First, they announced there new iPhone series; then they told there would be no charger and handsfree in new apple phones box. Then WWDC 2020 came, and we can see a lot of improvements that have done by apple to their new apple watch OS. New Ipad will also be there in this year-end maybe.

I think apple will be a headache to other competitors in the world. There are also rumours about Samsung’s new galaxy and note series. We will write another article to that also when we confirmed that news. So stay safe.

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