As a phone lover, phone lagging or being struck might have left you some unpleasant memories for sure. Since phones from the late 90s and early 2000s came with low specifications, users had to struggle to do even the basic functions. Although you might not have experienced such bad times, you will face special moments even with the latest smartphones.

It is admitted that iOS is a platform where the lagging has been minimized with several strategies. When it comes to Android it is not, even if it is the 12th version we are looking for. Even though many solutions have been introduced for Android devices, there are special things that Android users need to be aware of. You will get a vital understanding of those things along with the special tactics at the end of this article.

Let’s See How To Make Android Faster?

Clean the Cache Memory

Cleaning up the cache memory means that you should remove temporary files from the phone to free the memory. It has been a relief for slowing up your phone for a long time. Although a cache memory has been introduced for the Android devices in the later stages as ”Boost Up The Device”, you should have your own third party Cache Memory Cleaner to speed up your phone. The files that have growing in the temporary folders will be cleaned by these apps.

You should note that some memory cleaning apps ask permission to clean web history, cookies, passwords, and such unnecessary data. In such cases, you should not allow them to reset those primary data.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Network Accessibility

If you check up your memory consumption along with the battery consumption, you will get an idea about the role of the above-mentioned factors. Although all apps require permission to turn on connectivity, those apps don’t turn them off. For example, although you reached the destination you wanted to get, the GPS function will still be consuming the RAM of your Android device. Therefore you should keep your eyes open on the above factors to keep running the device smoothly.

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 Restart Provides Enough Space

How often do you restart the phone or provide a restart for your phone? If there is not an update to be installed, you might not have restarted your phone for a long time. Although there are third party cache cleaning apps, your phone has got its schedule to remove unnecessary files and clean the cache memory. When it comes to the best time, the restart of switching on is the best time the phone identifies.

Therefore, as a phone user, you should give a restart to your phone at least once a weak. That will be sufficient to give a fresh start with expanded memory.

Remove Background Running Widgets

After using a widget, you might not be using it for weeks. What you need to know about the widgets is that they consume RAM, ROM memory along with Network memory which means data.  Usually, a widget requires a network connection to update details. When you are using the internet or another app for your needs, the widgets are trying to update their features as well.  All these things make complications on the device. The outcome will be slowing up your phone.  Therefore it is important to limit the widgets on the home screen.

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Reduce Animation

Along with the tons of Android features, animations and superb quality graphics came into the hands of the Android users. Although they look intimating, memory consumption is excessive with such things.  Although it has been installed as a widget wallpaper for the home screen, background running app, or a special app, you will have to check for the memory consumption to see the truth. The more you try the more the Android phone or the device will slow up.

You may use them according to the phone specifications you have. Otherwise, the consequences will come to you as slowing up, responsiveness, and unlimited background running Advertisements.

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Updates Are Crucial

One of the best ways to get rid of slowing up is the updates. Google will be sending you updates to keep you on track. Even if you miss the notifications, you can find the updates in the Update section at the settings.  Also, you need to be aware that not only the Android Os is sending updates but the third party pass has their updates. They will contain initial bug fixes, security updates, and less memory consuming strategies.

Use Google Introduced Apps As Much As Possible

It is the best option for not slowing up the phone but for saving data. As you know third party apps have got a package of background running apps. When using Google Apps, you will not have a threat or stress regarding memory consumption. As they have been designed for good optimization, you will get a smooth drive through the Android device.

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Resetting Will Be The Last Resort

It is the last thing that you may try.  If a virus or malware has done the damage already, you will have no option other than resetting the device. Although you can try the above-mentioned things, they will not be able to bring back the deleted files or settings sometimes. You can create a backup and restore those settings later as well. If it is a virus, you will get the same trouble with the restoration/ the best thing is to start new with the phone.

Special Note: When resetting the phone, you must remember the email address that you have used when setting up the phone. Otherwise, your Android device will not be working without the given username and password.


As an Android user, you should have the idea that sending an SMS, email, or making a call is not the thing that a user can do with your device. It is capable of doing 1000 times better things using your phone. As it has got the latest technology and the specifications, you should try new things.  If your phone is showing even a minimum lag or slowing, you will have to take it into your mind and go for immediate solutions.


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