Before we are going to the worst 5 cyber attacks in history, we will know what is a cyber attack first. There are more definitions for cyber attacks, but here I explain it in the easiest to understand to you.

What is a Cyber Attack?

A cyber-attack is an attack launched by hackers known as cybercriminals. They are using one or more computers against single or multiple computers or computer networks. A cyber-attack can maliciously disable computers in second, steal data, or use a breached computer as a launch point for other offences. Hackers use a spread of methods to launch a cyberattack, including malware, phishing, ransomware, denial of service, among other techniques.

So let’s see what are the worst 5 cyber attacks in history.

1. 2014 Cyberattack on Yahoo

Yahoo Mail be one of the most popular social media in the past, though not so much talked about today. The cyber-attack, which had a significant impact on Yahoo in 2014, affected more than 500 million user accounts. It was also the most massive cyber-attack on a single company at the time, with large numbers of user data, such as usernames, birthdays, and passwords, being hacked.

2. Cyberattack on Sony’s Play Station network

Sony PlayStation console is one of the most popular consoles among console gamers around the world. Due to some of the exclusive games that only developed to play in Sony PlayStation, demand for the Sony PlayStation is still higher in the market. This is a small information of a cyber attack on Sony’s PlayStation network in 2011.

Sony Playstation 4

The hackers seized the personal data of more than 77 million people and the bank cards of more than 10,000 players because of the cyberattack on the network. As of 2011, Sony is one of the most popular companies in the world, and this event has damaged its reputation in one minute. Due to that incident, Sony had to pay $ 15 million to their players.

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3. Credit card data theft by South Koreans

In 2014, an employee of a well-known South Korean debt bureau copied bank account data from South Korean banks and credit card companies to his hard drive and sold them to third party companies. Nearly 20 million bank accounts have been stolen by him, and due to that incident, more than 2 million credit cards have been blocked by the south Korean company.

4. Cyberattack on Adobe

There is hardly anyone today who does not know the name Adobe. Because every computer today have the Adobe photoshop or premiere pro installed.

So in October 2013, Adobe was hit by a vicious cyber-attack. As a result of the attack, hackers have stolen the passwords, phone numbers and other personal data of nearly 3 million users, as well as hackers stolen some source code that Adobe was updating in that time.

5. Cyberattack on Target Company

Target is one of the leading financial institutions in the United States. The company unexpectedly Faced to a cyber attack in 2013. More than 100 million customers associated with the company have had their data are stolen on a large scale, as well as the bank details of more than 40 million customers.

However, the information about the attack discovered first by American intelligence service before the target company, and they informed Target Company Immediately. If they did not reveal it fast, more data would have leaked into the hackers. The following company discovered that the hackers had sold the stolen data from them to the black market for a hefty sum.

These are known as the worst 5 cyber attacks in history. Somehow hacking is not a good thing. It is an illegal thing. We should always respect others privacy. Due to these worst 5 cyber attacks in history, right now those companies maintain world highest cybersecurity systems to their systems currently. But the fact is still some hackers of these attacks are anonymous. So maybe in the future, there will be more cyber attacks like these.

“Human Stupidity, that’s why Hackers always win.”

― Med Amine Khelifi

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