Apple announced a lot of improvements in their WWDC 2020 Event for the macOS (Big Sur), iOS14, iPad, and WatchOS. Also, many new features are coming to the AppleTV. The most significant change to hardware is Apple shifting from using Intel processors to the Apple-made processors.

The iOS 14 will get new widgets, picture in picture mode; the App library will automatically organize all the Apps. Several improvements are also made to the iMessage App with Groups on iMessages are also getting features like mentions. The health App will come with new features like sleep tracking and will also be able to track dance as a workout.

All new software features will be available for the iPhone 6s and later models.

Calling this new processor as “Apple Silicon” Apple is going to gradually shift from the Intel to Apple processors for MacBooks and iMacs in the next 1-2 years.

What Are The Keynotes That We Can See In WWDC 2020 Apple Announcements:

New WatchOS For Apple Watch Finally.


Finally, Apple is utilizing the accelerometer in the AirPods Pro. Then Airpods Pro Can provide spatial audio that tracks your head (and your device’s) location. Spatial audio should give a more immersive sound experience by making you feel like you’re inside of the audio mix. I think this is a good improvement for apple AirPods lovers I guess.


Apple has debuted App Clips With Ios 14. which are Similar version of Android’s Instant Apps. But now you won’t need to download a full app to be able to gain access to what it offers, in addition to being able to purchase it via Apple Pay. It seems high if you’re someone who doesn’t want to download more apps than you need.

A Few Changes To Ipad Os Finally

Similar to iOS 14, All the widgets are coming to the next version of iPadOS also. Still, we can not clear yet if you can bring those out of the today view and into the home screen like you can on iPhone Before.

Apple is touting a new sidebar. It’s a way of making it much more comfortable now to navigate apps like Samsung done before. It showed us it is working on Apple Music and also other apps. If you’re using your Favourite iPad as a laptop, the sidebar should make it easier to do more without having to touch the screen Future.

Apple also redesigned search on iPad However, and it looks almost exactly like Spotlight on macOS unfortunately. It can help you to find contacts, search on the web, or serve as a Launchpad-like function to launch apps.


In Future, the workout app uses the Apple Watch’s gyroscope and accelerometer, mixed with heart rate data. Then it can track a range of dance types. This is an Awesome workout type that no other company has figured out, so I’m super curious to see how this turns out.


Apple is using a machine learning system to track your sleep. The watch utilizes the Apple Watch’s sensor to track your movements on you are in sleep. The companion app on Apple iPhone doesn’t require an Apple Watch to use this Future. But your metrics and data will likely be a little more in-depth with one. 

But Unfortunately, Apple didn’t dive into the specifics on how sleep is tracked in here. So I’ll be on the lookout for that in the Future.

Now Apple Watch Can Track Your Handwashing Info

Handwashing is a big deal right now in this coronavirus pandemic today. Now WatchOS 7 is getting a feature that uses machine learning to determine when you start washing your hands, and The watch’s microphones listen for the sound of splashing water to confirm that you’re washing your hands, then it starts a cute countdown on the watch face.

Watch the Full Apple Event Below. Find Out What are the Main WWDC 2020 keynote in Apple Event. It was one of the most visually stunning Tech events in WWDC 2020 and any company has done in recent years.

Check The Full Video OF WWDC 2020 Apple Here:

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